Austin Business Conference

8th February 2011
Norris Conference Center

Austin Business Conference
Simple Civility – Business Etiquette in the Marketplace

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Simple Civility – Business Etiquette in the Marketplace


Jan Goss

Jan Goss
CEO and Founder
Civility Consulting



Civility Consulting
In 2010 our participants confidence level increased by an average of 85% after one three hour session with Jan Goss   ASP Evaluations
What would happen to your company’s financial bottom line if the confidence level of your front line professionals increased by 85%?
The Mission of Civility Consulting is to Provide Training for Professional Polish
Goal: To restore respect in the marketplace and increase confidence in businesspeople
We accomplish this by: Providing training that produces paradigm shifts from ‘self centered’ to ‘others oriented’. Civility consulting brings the same training as our U.S. Diplomats, Ambassadors, and our Presidential Staff receive. We connect the dots between how we treat others and the way that directly affects our financial bottom line.
Result: Increased customer acquisition and retention, more enjoyable work environment, a more accurate representation of your company’s image, message and value.
Protocol Power—Secrets Only the Etiquette Pros Know
Participants Will Learn:
  • Effective Body Language
  • How to Introduce Yourself
  • Mingling Skills- How to Break Into a Group
  • What your Handshake Says About You
  • How to Have a World Class Handshake
  • How to Enter a Room
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • How to Remember Names
  • Gender Specifics in Protocol
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • How to Increase Your Confidence
Who Will Benefit:
  1. Sales Teams
  2. Front Line Professionals
  3. Those in the Public Eye
  4. Senior Level Staff
  5. Professionals Who Have Social Interaction as Part of Their Job
  6. Professionals Who Desire Excellence
  7. Individuals Who Want to Polish Their Etiquette Skills