Austin Business Conference

8th February 2011
Norris Conference Center

Austin Business Conference
Austin Open4Business

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Track: Digital Media

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Digital Media  
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1) The Power of Email Marketing & Social Media: Powerhouse Strategies To Grow Your Business

Feb 08 - 09:30 AM

Julie Niehoff, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact

Julie Niehoff will present The Power of Email Marketing. Seating is limited. This session covers the basics of what email marketing is, why it works so well, and how to use it in your business planning and strategy to achieve specific goals. Topics will also include list building, how to avoid spam, tips for scheduling and content choices that work.

This session also includes some specific instruction on how to get your email promotions and updates opened, how to position the value of your message so that recipients will act on it, how to measure the impact of a campaign and samples of more successful email campaigns and how they were set up to build business and drive sales.

Note: Participants do not need to be Constant Contact customers to attend. All information provided can be applied regardless of the system or service you are using for Email Marketing.

2) Content Marketing

Feb 08 - 10:45 AM

Jason Myers, Austin Entrepreneur Network

Website marketing is transforming from the basic brochure website and developing a presence to full-blown content strategy. What does that mean? It means that you're now a publisher! And if you want to figure out how to provide relevant content to your prospects and customer, you need an editorial strategy. In this session, veteran editor and marketing director Jason Myers will explore how the publishing industry is relevant to your website strategy by helping you:

  1. Think like an editor - an editor knows who her audience is, and what issues are relevant and SO SHOULD YOU.
  2. Figure out an editorial strategy for blogs and articles, and talk about the importance of an editorial calendar. (yes, with deadlines)
  3. Navigate the new rules of PR and marketing for distribution of content - it's not about pitching editors any more, it's about being your own source.
  4. The presentation will be structured around the book: "Get Content, Get Customers" a must read for any good content marketing strategy

3) Online Advertising For Local Businesses: It’s More Than Search

Feb 08 - 01:00 PM

Charlie Ray, Broadstreet Media

Charlie Ray, President of Broad Street Interactive, an Austin Digital Advertising Agency, and board member of the Austin Interactive Marketing Association will speak at the Austin Business Conference on the subject of digital media planning for local businesses.

In recent years, the Internet has become the medium of choice for most consumers. Consumers spend time online researching, socializing, shopping and consuming news. If local businesses are not reaching their local audience online, they are missing new business opportunities.

Traditionally, local businesses restricted their online budgets to search engine marketing or perhaps or, but today there are many display opportunities to target behaviors and audiences in the local markets that fit almost every budget.

Learn how to come up with creative ideas to advertise online and how to plan digital media buying that is results driven. to follow ...

4) New Media…The Force Multiplier

Feb 08 - 02:15 PM

Cynthia A. Baker, President, Accolades Public Relations and Communications

When customers see a brand's news in a press release, read the company blog and follow its twitter messages on social networks,  a synergistic effect is created.  Principal of Shift Communications and PR 2.0 expert, Todd Defren refers to it as the force multiplier!  We will explore how corporate content can effectively be leveraged into social networks to gain more exposure and engagement with target audiences.